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Pressure Point Massage

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Massage Therapy

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Deep Tissue

All of our Licensed Massage Therapists are trained and experienced in injury rehabilitation. One of their most common used techniques is deep tissue massage to ensure each muscle in the body gets the attention it needs. However they also practice many more techniques. Each patient receives the treatment their therapist thinks is best for them. 

Close up of someone laying on their stomach and getting a deep tissue massage.
A woman holding a vile of essential oil and putting some into her hand.


During an aromatherapy massage, you inhale essential oil molecules or absorb them through your skin. You and your therapist can discuss what oils might benefit you most, or what oils you prefer for scent. Use of therapeutic essential oils in massage can be beneficial for stress & anxiety, sleep, depression, allergies or sinus issues and much more. 

Hot Stones

Hot Stones is also another form of ancient alternative medicine using smooth volcanic or basalt stones. The stones are placed along the spine or are used as tools to massage the body with. Hot Stone therapy is great for stress relief & relaxation, circulation, sleeping troubles and most of all helping to relieve muscle tension. 

Hot stones being placed on the bottom of a patients foot.
A pregnant woman holding her stomach so her hands form a heart.

Prenatal Massage

Research shows prenatal massage therapy can help reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and joint pains, and improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Prenatal massage therapy addresses different needs and other issues with a variety of techniques. We hope to make your pregnancy as comfortable and pain free as possible!


Cupping is a form of ancient alternative medicine in which your massage therapist places special cups on your back and neck (or any other area being treated) to create suction. The suction helps to relieve pain & inflammation, produce blood flow, relax the body, and also acts as another form of deep tissue massage. We urge people to try it at least once! We also offer this service at no extra charge! 

A patient getting a cupping treatment done with cups being removed from their back.

5 Benefits of a Massage

Massages are often considered a luxury in life, meant for only the affluent and privileged. Contrary to this belief, massages are more than affordable for the average consumer. Moreover, the health benefits of regular therapeutic massages are well worth the cost.

Modern medicine has many techniques and cures for our more advanced ailments, but often times we neglect the basics of our physical health. Here are 5 benefits that you should consider for getting therapeutic massages.

1) Increased Circulation

With the advent of the modern era people now spend much more time indoors and sitting down. The consequences of this modern sedentary lifestyle can be alleviated with massage therapy. Sitting for long periods of time can decrease blood flow and the efficiency of your circulatory system.


In rare cases, a sedentary lifestyle can lead to blood clots, which can prove to be fatal. Massage therapy can help to increase your blood flow and your overall circulatory health, even for individuals who do not or can not exercise.

2) Muscle Health

Massage therapy can also drastically improve your muscle health. Those suffering from chronic back pain have a high percentage chance of responding well to massages.


Other injuries that require physical therapy often times include massages as part of the recovery program. Even athletes, who are constantly using and building their muscles, can benefit from massages to help recovery time and flexibility.

3) Fight Off Sickness

Massages have been shown to increase the efficiency of our immune systems. Massages alone are not enough to become invincible, but they are certainly part of a well balanced and healthy lifestyle.


In fact, studies have shown that massages can help aide in the recovery from breast cancer. Massage therapy will certainty not cure cancer, but it can help to increase the response of your immune system as well as increase your overall health at the same time.

4) Improved Mental Health

Everyone knows that massages are relaxing and enjoyable. But massage therapy can also have a noticeable affect on your mood and mental health in the long-run.


Directly after a massage, dopamine levels are increased, leading to a better overall mood. It can also help reduce your stress in the long-run. Our busy modern day lives add chronic stress that can slowly eat away at us. A massage once a week could potentially be a release for all that built up stress.

5) Sleep Better

Various studies have shown the significant improvement in quality of sleep for people who get regular massages. Most people in the US do not get adequate sleep, partially due to artificial light and excessive work hours. Sleep is an absolutely critical part of overall health and massage therapy is one method of improving your quality of sleep.

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