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Assisted Stretching

At our Enumclaw, WA office


You most likely have thought about the importance of stretching, yet even with knowing the benefits of stretching, somehow you never manage to get around to it.


Can I Just Skip Stretching?


Have you ever noticed, after a day of sitting at work, you may start to get tight hips and develop lower back pain.


This reason for this is that when sitting for too long it puts added pressure on the spine and compresses the vertebrae. This compression can lead to a lot of tightness making it hard for you to move, and increasing overall soreness.

This same process happens when you put your body through repetitive physical activity that you enjoy.

Dr. Jason Henke performing on the back of a patient using a vibracussor

The vibracussor in action as Dr. Jason Henke uses it to ease muscle tension and "fine tune" the adjustment after doing some assisted stretching. 


What is Assisted Stretching?


Assisted stretching is when a trained professional  stretches your body for you. For safety reasons assisted stretching is normally done under the care of a chiropractor or another doctor. These stretches are often done manually or they can incorporate special equipment. Assisted stretching can be scheduled from once a week to once every two month.  This allows for adjusting assisted stretching to individual needs and goals. These stretches can be effective for relieving many different types of aches and pains.

Assisted Stretching and Potential Benefits

Even with an understanding of benefits that come with stretching, when you have tried to do a total body stretch before, you may have found it to be uncomfortable and even questioned whether you were doing it properly. 


Improper stretching can lead to increased soreness or even cause an injury if you move incorrectly.

The benefits of assisted stretching are:
  • An increase of circulation and recovery after workouts

  • Increased joint mobility and full range of motion

  • Reduction of the chances of muscle tears and injury

  • At work fatigue diminishes

  • Feeling more youthful because there is less pain throughout your body 


A highly favored benefit of assisted stretching is the increase in confidence and overall posture that can result from reducing the “hunch” in your spine.

(AIS) The Active Isolated Stretching Technique

This technique can help maximize the effectiveness of stretching and decrease the sort of discomfort that keeps a lot of people away from it.

Who Benefits from AIS?

  • Those who work at a desk much of the day

  • Physical Laborers 

  • Competitive Athletes 

  • Those who have a history of injuries 


Assisted stretch therapy can help you restore looseness and more space in your joints which directly helps with lower back pain that is often the result of poor posture.

Ready to Feel More Youthful and Confident?

Click here or call our Enumclaw, WA office at 360-825-5757 to get started in assisted stretch therapy to see how we can help you feel younger, move easier, and live a pain free lifestyle.

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