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Woman with 3 stones on her back being given a hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

At Our Enumclaw, WA Office


Hot Stone therapy is a form of ancient alternative medicine where

smooth volcanic or basalt stones are used to during the massage.

Using heat therapy such as hot stones is not only incredibly

beneficial, but it feels amazing!


The stones are typically heated anywhere from 130-145 degrees

Fahrenheit and placed along the spine or are used as tools

to massage the whole body with.

Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage Treatment

  • Improves circulation while relieving muscle tension

  • Relieves stress and promotes relaxation

  • Helps with trouble sleeping

  • Relieves tension headaches

  • Relaxes joint stiffness and increases joint mobility

  • Reduces muscle spasms 

If you have never tried a hot stone massage or are interested in getting a hot stone massage, be sure to let the receptionist know! Hot stone massage treatment is also a great gift for loved ones. 

Ready to Get Started?

Click here or call our Enmuclaw, WA office at 360-825-5757 to set up a consultation to see how we can help you eliminate pain quickly and to accomplish your spinal health goals.

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