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Spinal X-Rays

At Our Enumclaw, WA Office

To see is to know. To not see is to guess. When it comes to your health, we don't guess.

We are able to provide you with access to our x-ray machine so that we can diagnose and treat pain points in the body. Taking x-rays is a quick and simple process and allows for our doctors to accurately figure out what treatment is best for you.


X-rays provide the doctor with a clear picture of what your spine looks like, no guessing or feeling around. This allows us to examine the images for possible conditions you may be suffering from but have gone undiagnosed, such as arthritis, degeneration, disc injuries, scoliosis, osteoporosis and more. 

We do NOT X-ray pregnant or potentially pregnant individuals. 

X-ray of a side profile of kneck looking down
X-ray of curved spinal chord
X-ray of broken collar bone

Ready to Get Started?

Click here or call our office at 360-825-5757 to set up a consultation to see how we can help you eliminate pain quickly and to accomplish your spinal health goals.

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