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Car Accidents, Work Injuries & More

Have you been involved in a car accident? If so, we are here to help. We will do our best to ensure that you feel even better than you did before the accident. Our family-oriented chiropractic clinic in Enumclaw, WA, accepts both 3rd Party and PIP claims. Call us and our team can help with any billing questions you may have. 

Car Accidents

Front end of a car after it had been in an accident

If you have been injured at work, we can help make sure that you return to work without any restrictions or pains. Whether you have a claim open already or not, come on in to our chiropractic office in Enumclaw so that you can get the attention of a highly trained chiropractor and be on your way to a full recovery. 

Work Injuries

Construction worker climbing a steel rebar tower

Our doctors are able to provide you with tips and advice on how to prevent future injuries and pains, no matter the reason you're coming in to see us. Our highly experienced and educated chiropractors and massage therapists are here to keep you healthy, so that you continue living a pain free lifestyle!

Prevention Advice

Woman trainer checking a knee injury of a man on a bench
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